Return of THMA Symposiums and In-Person Networking

At long last we are once again hosting live Professional Development Symposiums and gathering practitioners safely together for all-important in-person networking with colleagues in medical aesthetics.

Ongoing education and one-on-one networking.

COVID-19 case numbers are going down and vaccination rates are going up. It’s time to make a safe return to one of the most important principles of our preceptorship program: ongoing education and networking.

Happily, we will again be doing these things face-to-face. No offence, Zoom, but we really miss that in-person contact with our colleagues!

We are pleased to announce that THMA Consulting will host live Professional Development Symposiums November 27 in Ottawa and November 28 in Kingston. See below for times, locations and event details. Register Here!

We will soon be announcing the date for a Symposium in Toronto early in the New Year.

It’s important for everyone who has trained with us to know they have the support of THMA Consulting and their colleagues. That’s true for experienced practitioners and especially valuable for new injectors. Nurses and physicians aren’t going it alone as they pursue dreams of new career in medical aesthetics.

“The medical aesthetics business can be very competitive, but we’re also very collaborative,” says THMA expert clinical trainer Corey Akisanya, who is organizing the Ottawa symposium.

“It’s really for the compassionate and competent care of patients that we work together. That’s why we help each other out, share education and increase our overall knowledge. It’s for the comfort and safety of our patients.”

Same Struggles, Same Successes

Attendees in Ottawa and Kingston will be treated to expert presentations on new products and procedures.

“Everyone’s in this together, with the same struggles and same successes,” says Colleen White, our expert clinical trainer in Kingston, who is organizing the event for area nurses on Nov. 28.

Like Corey, Colleen is excited about hosting a symposium for the first time in two years. Solidarity and support gives these symposiums an unifying objective of one for all and all for one.

“Collegial support is the very backbone of nursing,” Colleen says. “But in medical aesthetics, where you’ve often gone out on your own, you don’t always have easy access to that support. That’s what we are creating with this and future symposiums – a supportive environment where colleagues can learn and share with each other.”

The Kingston gathering will hear from Lindsey LaBrash, a THMA member and nurse practitioner now at Glow Skincare Co., about relevant knowledge she recently absorbed at a medical aesthetics conference in the U.S.

The Ottawa symposium will also feature exhibitors and a cocktail reception.

THMA Consulting will follow COVID-19 safety protocols at all events. Attendees must be double vaccinated. Cost is $50 for THMA members. $150 for guests. Register Here!


Thumbs up, nurses!

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Your time with us doesn’t end when you receive your THMA Consulting certificate. Ongoing education and mentoring are key components of our comprehensive training program. We look forward to seeing you attending our upcoming Professional Development Symposiums. They’re going to be fun and informative! – Thanks, Tracey