Tracey Reduces Clinical Work to Put More Focus on Training

With mixed emotions I am reducing my personal clinical work at TH Medical Aesthetics in order to devote more time to my rapidly expanding national medical aesthetics training company. I’m sad to say goodbye, but excited about this next chapter in my long nursing career.

Yes, I will miss injecting. I have loved this job for 26 years. If I can even call it a job!

Reflecting on the smiles of patient satisfaction

Medical aesthetics is my passion, and helping people feel better about themselves has been a true pleasure and very gratifying.  But I have been extremely busy over the past two years and it’s become increasingly obvious that I can’t continue burning the candle at both ends.

The downtime during COVID allowed me to take stock of where I am now in my career and how I want to fill the twilight of my nursing career. That time to reflect led me to make this important step forward.

The decision has been made easier because I know my patients – in fact, all of our patients — are in great hands at THMA.


Michele Cluff and Jeanine Harrison are excellent injectors with vast amounts of experience. They have the same skills I do, have access to all of my charts and are compassionate professionals. Michele will now be doing the online consultations.

Jeanine Harrison and Michele Cluff

That reassurance is increased even further because a third nursing injector will be joining the team in September. While I’ll save that announcement for next time, I could not be happier about this for everyone involved.

The door doesn’t close completely on my services. Starting on September, I will work the equivalent of two days a month on specialty treatments like InstaLift, Bellafill and Radiesse. Those appointments can be made through our new booking site.

Plus, I will still be overseeing the clinical services and always ready, willing and able to dispense guidance or advice when called upon. I’m also working behind the scenes now to add a second THMA clinic in Unionville later in the fall.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting news, too!

Developing the next generation of safe and ethical practitioners

As I wind down clinical services in August, I continue to train and educate nurses and physicians with a solid research-based foundation of medical aesthetics knowledge and techniques. This type of comprehensive training, quite frankly, did not exist when I started in this business over 25 years ago.

I made it my goal five years ago to pour heart and soul into making sure up-and-coming practitioners are diligently trained to be skillful injectors who always put patient safety first. I am thrilled with how many medical professionals have recognized and appreciate what we have successfully accomplished with THMA Consulting.

Starting small in Thornhill, the training business took off faster than I ever could have imagined. Through word of mouth and social media, I heard from nurses and doctors in Ontario – and across Canada — who wanted the type of top-quality training and mentoring as offered at THMA Consulting.

Three of the four Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics are now virtual components of the training program. The practical Hands-on Mentoring component has resulted in expansion of in-person services across the country and the addition of expert trainers in Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

I’ve trained a lot of professionals over the past few years. Including Michele and Jeanine. I personally selected Michele and Jeanine for THMA because they manage treatments in a skilled, professional and caring manner.

Leaving patients in good hands at THMA!

They will take good care of my patients, and I am grateful for this. I have already told some patients about my move forward. Though they say they will miss me, they graciously are wishing me well.

As I continue on this new career path, I’ll make sure there are many more ethical injectors out there who are just like me. Who love their jobs, love patient care, are knowledgeable about safe and ethical practices, and dedicate themselves to helping patients feel good.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting, treating and working with at TH Medical Aesthetics!

  1. Tracey, all the praises I heap on you all come back to “Thank you”: and “You are quite simply THE BEST.”
    I’m so pleased and privileged to have been around to watch Medical Aesthetics open and grow. I love your fabulous
    team….you surround yourself with skilled, talented, compassionate people. Your standards are high. Your ethics are impeccable. I’ve trusted you, Michele, Jeanine without reservation. You’ve helped me so much to feel better about myself.
    I know your decision will serve you and others well. Thank you. You are quite simply THE BEST. And Smart and Kind and
    oh, oh.. This is where I go on too long! 🙂

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