Quality Medical Aesthetics Training Comes to Kingston

THMA Consulting begins a promising New Year of exceptional medical aesthetics with the opening of a training and mentoring centre in Kingston, Ont. We are equally pleased to welcome Colleen White, a long-time nursing professional and university teacher, to our national team of expert clinical trainers.

Colleen White NP: expert clinical trainer and nursing leader

Colleen comes to us with extensive experience in teaching nursing at Queen’s University and in primary health care as a Nurse Practitioner and medical aesthetics provider.

“I am super excited about joining the THMA Consulting team and look forward to training professionals at our new bridging clinic in Kingston,” Colleen told us. “I get to continue my love and passion for teaching, and that’s especially great in this field.”

Colleen owns and operates the Glow Skincare Co. clinic at 234 Princess St. in Kingston. THMA Consulting program participants in the area who have completed Virtual Training in Foundation Courses 1-3 will now have a convenient, close-to-home facility to do the Course 4: Hands-on Training. 

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Program participants can also call on Colleen for One-on-One Mentoring, an ongoing opportunity for them to build confidence and hone skills in a safe and comfortable clinic with expert guidance.

“The hardest part after training is looking to start that new career or a job in the field,” Colleen explained.

“The prospects are good but it still takes time to get going. Plus, the injectors want to feel 100 percent comfortable with what they are doing. Unlike other training companies that just throw you to the wolves, we will continue to educate people and nurture their professional development by having them practice in these bridging clinics.” 

The Kingston location is our second outside Toronto to be established as a THMA Consulting bridging clinic. We opened a bridging clinic in Ottawa in September, and more of these practice facilities for practitioners across Canada are currently in planning.

The benefits of this resource are huge.

Guided skill development is obviously important for the injector. But the follow-up training, after the courses are completed, will ensure that practitioners are providing treatments that uphold ethical standards and protect patient safety. 

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“We are very like minded, and share the same values, morals and ethics,”said Colleen, who is an industry leader in promoting ethical nursing services. “Raising the bar for nurse injectors, having standardization and verification in practices, following policies and procedures within the College of Nursing … Tracey’s vision for the industry is inspiring.” 

The admiration is mutual. Colleen is a perfect addition to our team. She is also a former client.

” I love working with THMA Consulting!”

Colleen set off on a new career in medical aesthetics more than three ago. She was already doing Botox Therapeutic treatments for the pain management of migraines and thought the cosmetic side had great promise.

She trained with another company first. But when she came to THMA Consulting to study the Role and Responsibilities of the Medical Director/AOA, she realized her previous training was sorely lacking.

“It was an eye opener in terms of what I didn’t know.”

Colleen proceeded to take our Foundation Courses. She did exceptionally well, of course. She then organized a Professional Development Symposium that we provided for medical aesthetics professionals in Kingston. That event was a fantastic success, and pretty much cemented that Colleen would be a perfect fit for our bridging clinic plans for Kingston.

“In conversations with Tracey about research and standardizations, we really hit it off,” Colleen said. “I love being able to share knowledge and share experiences with people. It’s very energizing. Then came Tracey’s plans for bridging clinics … and here I am!”

While the current pandemic is forcing us to move slowly and cautiously, Colleen will welcome her first Course 4: Hands-on Training participant next month. 

She is taking our Virtual Training in Foundations Courses, and will be in good hands with Colleen for the in-person component. So will the many others who will follow her to our Kingston bridging clinic for the best in medical aesthetics training and mentoring.

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THMA Consulting is pleased to have accreditation and national recognition from the Canadians Nurses Association for the Foundation Courses in our Medical Aesthetics Preceptorship and Training Program.

Nurses who complete all four Foundation Courses in medical aesthetics training  will receive 40 Credit Hours that can be sent to Colleges as confirmation of skill maintenance.

The CNA Accreditation Program upholds standards of quality for continuing professional development for nurses in Canada.