This two-day workshop is for injectors who have not trained with THMA and have either found their training incomplete or cannot access follow-up mentoring in order to hone skills. The full mentoring package for non-THMA members will include the 4-hour virtual training Foundation Course 1: Facial Anatomy to provide the injectors with essential information on muscles, blood vessels, nerves and bony structures.

That essential facial knowledge, plus the guide and resources that are included in the THMA Fundamental Course, will prepare associates to work directly with a THMA clinical  trainer on assessments and techniques. The follow-up full day of mentoring will have participants doing various treatments on as many patients as desired for up to 6 hours. THMA will provide 6 syringes of filler and two vials of neurotoxin (Botox, for example). Participants will pay for any product beyond that.

The cost of the two-day training and mentoring workshop for non-members is $3,750. Completion of this training will gain participants full THMA membership status and access to continuous education, ongoing guidance and support, and more benefits.

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2 Days
Non-Member Mentoring