Plastic Surgeon Praises Nurse-Led Training

When a plastic surgeon in Ottawa was looking for skilled training on medical aesthetics and injections, he knew exactly where to turn first. To a nurse.

Tracey Hotta and Dr. Ahman Alshehri

Dr. Ahman Alshehri said it simply made sense: if you want training on anything, go to the people who have expertise that comes from hands-on experience in the field. In his case, he was looking to nurses for specific training on facial anatomy and techniques for the injection of fillers like Botox.

“I asked around where to go for the best medical aesthetics training, and all fingers pointed here,” said Dr. Alshehri about why he chose THMA Consulting. “I read about the courses on their website and knew this was where I needed to go.”

It’s steadily becoming more common to see a plastic surgeon recognize how nurse-led training programs can meet their needs and benefit their practice.

In the past, these surgeons would most often go to other doctors for training on injections.

Happily, for our profession and healthcare in general, that’s changing. Younger specialists coming out of university like Dr. Alshehri are respectful and open-minded about receiving training from nurses, the medical professionals with the most experience.

“This will help me become a better doctor,” he said, after successfully completing the Training and Mentoring Program at THMA Consulting.

We were thrilled Dr. Alshehri came to us. And equally pleased with his passion for patient care and enthusiastic desire to help people feel good about themselves.

Our team of nursing professionals takes great pride in offering participants a systematic approach to learning about facial anatomy and injection techniques. Participants must pass this training before moving on to actual procedures.

Our courses are structured for the learner, not the teacher. A key to quality education is smaller classes that are intimate and engaging.

“This was even better than what I expected, believe me,” Dr. Alshehri said of our Facial Anatomy course. “I thought it might be like other courses, with a bunch of people sitting in a room listening to someone lecturing.  But here we sat at the same table with the instructor who was training us and sharing her experiences in the field with us.”

“It was very well organized and very interactive.”

Dr. Alshehri, Deb Grech, Oriol Rhodes

We also received these warm words about course trainer Oriol Rhodes RN from Dr. Alshehri’s model – and first patient – in the Hands-on Mentoring course:

“Oriol Rhodes, you are the epitome of professionalism (and) so very much respected by your peers and colleagues. Thank you so very much for including me in your training session.”  – Deb Grech.

Whether we teach surgeons, specialists or other nurses, we want to provide quality face-to-face training on anatomy, medical aesthetics techniques and patient safety in a professional but relaxed environment.

On behalf of THMA Consulting and our nursing profession, thank you Dr. Alshehri.


Please note that Course 1 on Facial Anatomy for Medical Aesthetics has been approved by the Tennessee Nurses Association (via the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation) as a continuing nursing education activity. Nurses can earn 5.0 contact hours through participation in this approved THMA Consulting course.