Pioneering Aesthetics From Newfoundland to Nunavut

The demand is there in Nunavut, but professional services in medical aesthetics are lacking.  That situation will improve in 2023 because of one nurse’s drive and determination – and a colleague’s advice to train with THMA!

You’ve got to be impressed with Traci Mezdour. The Newfoundland nurse loves to work hard and isn’t afraid of a challenge. She and her husband have travelled across  Canada’s north, and are now rooted in Iqaluit, the capital of the Territory of Nunavut.

“The north attracted us as an adventure at first, and then we fell in love with the people and the culture,” Traci said on the phone from Iqaluit. “Now we have a 5-year-old daughter and aren’t leaving anytime soon. We are very happy and content here!”

Nunavut’s bustling capital city of Iqaluit


Traci currently works for the government maternal child program in public health, managing up to 750 cases with one other nurse. It’s busy, obviously, but not too busy to keep her from a new challenge. Her goal: to be the first nurse to offer medical aesthetics treatments in Nunavut. “I see this as a great opportunity,” Traci told us. “There’s lots of demand. Almost everyone I know gets treatments when they vacation or travel for work.”

‘Rock’ solid advice on medical aesthetics


That’s what Traci would do when visiting family in St. John’s, NL. She received Botox and filler treatments from Sheila O’Reilly, who trained with THMA in 2018 and now has a successful medical aesthetics practice in St. John’s. Traci asked Sheila lots of questions about medical aesthetics, about the various treatments and products, about the job itself. That’s when the light bulb clicked.

“In nursing we don’t always get to see happy outcomes,” Traci said. “Sure, there are risks with medical aesthetic, but mostly people are pleased with the outcomes. They like how they look and they feel good about that. I was really interested in doing that, in making people happy!”

“Traci is a hands-on nurse with compassion and caring for her patients,” said Sheila, her long-time friend, colleague and mentor in St. John’s.  “She’s always embraced challenges, including this introduction to medical aesthetics. I think she will be fantastic at medical aesthetics.”

The more training, the more in-depth learning, the better.


Sheila recommended that Traci contact TMA about training in Botox, fillers and medical aesthetics standards. Traci said she took the advice and did her homework, researching our website and exchanging emails with me regarding the training program and the industry itself.

We both agreed: the more training, the more in-depth learning, the better for everyone.

Traci Medzour RN

“I’m a perfectionist. I want to have specialized training. And through research and conversations I knew I I was making the right decision. I was going to get  training that  aligned with my values as a medical professional and the detailed way I like to work. Plus, with ongoing mentoring and a constant connection to the training team, I found in THMA exactly what I needed.”

We were, of course, pleased that Traci registered for our Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course. And thank you, Sheila, for the recommendation!

“A lot of work, but very thorough and satisfying”


From home, Traci did the virtual training in Foundation Course components 1-3. She completed the program by flying to Ottawa for Hands-on Training with Corey Akisanya and Amanda Bastedo at Skin Logic Ottawa. Not surprisingly, she was well prepared for this in-person component and did very well.

Careers start here: Traci (3rd from left) in Ottawa. Nov 12, 2022.

“It can be nerve wreaking to approach the first Botox injection you’ll do, but Corey and Amanda were very professional and make me feel welcome and relaxed. The prior learning on the anatomy and procedure really helped, and their hands-on instruction was perfect. ”

Traci is now securing an Authorized Provider and a work space in Iqaluit. She plans to start by offering aesthetics treatments with neuromodulators like Botox. After some one-on-one mentoring, she’ll include fillers and other treatments in her services. Having already gone the extra mile to prepare for this  – okay, hundreds of miles! – Traci is bound and determined to succeed.

“There’s still lots to do,” she said. “But I’m very excited about this. I can’t wait to get started and go from there!”

Sheila training with THMA Consulting in 2018

Back in Newfoundland, Sheila O’Reilly says she’s proud that Traci has taken that big first step towards a practice in medical aesthetics.

“THMA Consulting provided me with world-class training, mentorship and guidance to have a very successful aesthetics practice,” said Sheila, at Sense of Rejuvenation in St. John’s, NL.  “Traci will, as well, be very successful coming out of the THMA program. I wish her great success!”

We wish Traci all the best and applaud her strong work ethic and nursing professionalism. Her patients will be the real benefactors of her pioneering vision to bring medical aesthetics and that certain happiness to Nunavut.