Nursing Friends Proudly Open Their Own Practice

Nurses taking our courses to launch new careers in medical aesthetics. For us, that’s the ultimate satisfaction in providing professional training. For Tania and Elizabeth, it’s a dream come true!

Tania and Elizabeth: “So excited!”

Just six months after completing the New Practitioner Courses at THMA Consulting, the two nurses and close friends since nursing school have set up their own Park Lane Medical Aesthetics clinic in Vaughan.  They are already attracting new patients and steadily building a successful practice.

“We’re so excited,” Elizabeth told us, beaming about their new business. “To use the skills we’ve learned, to meet new people and help them feel better … it’s just a real exciting time for us.”

Elizabeth admits to a natural nervousness about the timely new venture, but said going into business for themselves was a long-term goal.

She gained an appreciation for the science behind the procedures during visits to TH Medical Aesthetics for Botox injections. The way it improved her self-esteem also left a lasting impression.

She and Tania took a college course in medical aesthetics a couple years ago. But the result didn’t give them the confidence to go it alone.

“Once we got that certificate, it was good-bye and good luck,” Tania said.

So, looking for more comprehensive training and ongoing education, they turned to THMA Consulting. In May 2018, they enrolled in our Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorship Program.

That’s worked out happily for all of us.

Our training team knew from the get-go that these eager nurses were serious about turning their training into a new livelihood. They were very professional and very personable. They were committed to learning, asked a lot of questions and worked hard to hone their skills.

Elizabeth said our New Practitioner Courses, with interactive discussions as well as didactic presentations, gave her and Tania a double dose of knowledge and confidence.

Hands-on Mentoring with Oriol Rhodes

“Every course was so in-depth and so engaging at every stage,” said Elizabeth, who as a Nurse Practitioner will be the on-site medical director at their Park Lane clinic.  “We owe a tonne of gratitude to Tracey.”


“The biggest push we got was in completing the Hands-on Mentoring course,” added Tania, a registered nurse. “That’s when we knew we had the ability and the confidence to do it ourselves. You can’t get that kind of educational training anywhere else.”

As is our promise to all participants, their education and support have never stopped. We’ve been pleased to answer their many questions and help them get set up in their new practice.

They realize the risks in medical aesthetics, but know the dangers can be minimized or even eliminated with comprehensive safety training and ongoing educational support.

“I love that Tracey puts nursing and patient safety on the forefront of her training,” Tania said in an interview at Park Lane. “Liz and I are both proud to be nurses. This isn’t simply a business. We are doing nursing and professionally offering our patients safe services and compassionate care.”

At THMA Consulting, we’re so proud that our training program has given these dedicated nurses the skills and confidence to take what they’ve been taught and turn it into their own practice. That’s pretty cool.

Elizabeth and Tania are great medical aesthetic practitioners. I have no doubts whatsoever they will be very successful.


To contact Elizabeth and Tania for appointments at Park Lane Medical Aesthetics: email or call 647-241-3312.