Nurse Practitioners Pursuing Medical Aesthetic Careers

We’ve discovered that many Nurse Practitioners are considering a new career in medical aesthetics.  And why not?

This we already know: Nurse Practitioners are dedicated medical professionals and passionate about patient care. From nurse-led clinics to diabetes care, NPs pride themselves on their advanced training and independence in delivering quality health care to Canadians.

We also learned at a recent meeting of Nurse Practitioners that many NPs are interested in exploring new career paths to provide medical aesthetics services for legions of men and women who gain self-esteem and feel better about themselves through non-surgical procedures.

And we were happy to answer their numerous questions about this independent practice at the annual conference in Toronto of the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario.

We met so many wonderful nurses at our THMA Consulting exhibit booth. They received assurance that medical aesthetics does fits perfectly within the scope of practice for NPs. We discussed how medical aesthetics is a career choice, not a job on the side. And how proficiency in practice and patient safety requires an investment of time and energy in proper training and education.

THMA Consulting training makes sure all participants are fully educated and properly trained on how to operate a new medical aesthetics practice. Our unique Preceptorship Program deliberately sets us apart from the competition.

After completing our New Practitioner Courses, participants are not left alone to navigate their chosen career path. We bring in successful participants to observe our own clinical practices. Ongoing mentoring gives them a conduit for concerns and questions. Our membership program provides updates on products and services in a medical business that is always evolving.

We look forward to working with these Nurse Practitioners and other medical professionals who choose a new career in this exciting and rewarding medical field.