New Year. New Opportunities. New THMA Courses.

Participants in our New Practitioners Program have given us great ideas on how we can expand their professional training. Coming soon – more advanced courses!

Continuing education and on-going training are necessities in the dynamic field of medical aesthetics.

Just as the public demand for non-invasive cosmetic treatments has increased dramatically, so too has the need for injectors to stay on top of new developments in products and techniques that enhance the safety and satisfaction of patients.

At THMA Consulting, we structured our Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorship Program  to be research-based, thorough and comprehensive. Equally essential, the program is designed to personally connect with participants through professional experiences and interactive discussions.

The positive feedback we’ve received tells us we are on the right path. Evaluations have also given us great recommendations on how we might modify our program to expand existing skill sets.

So, thanks for that. And here’s what we are doing in response.

For the medical aesthetics professional who has completed the New Practitioner Program or is currently in practice, we are introducing a new slate of supplementary courses. The additional courses include:

Advanced Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Training. Understanding of the history of neurotoxins and hyaluronic acids, in-depth comparison of all Health Canada-approved HA dermal fillers, current trends in the market and product choices per treatment indication.

Advanced Technique for Lower Facial Contouring using Hyaluronic Acids, Deoxycholic Acid and Neurotoxins. Understanding the combined approach for jawline contouring, chin augmentation and submental fullness.

Advanced Technique for Peri-Orbital Rejuvenation using Hyaluronic Acids and Neurotoxins. Understanding the importance of a combined approach with lateral support when addressing the tear trough, malar and temporal area.

Other advanced courses now in development for a launch in 2019 are:

  • Guided Facial Assessment Workshops using Case Studies
  • Legal and Ethical Requirements of a Medical Director in Medical Aesthetics 
  • Facility Recommendations for Medical Aesthetics with a Focus on Infection Prevention
  • Ethical and Effective Business Marketing and Communications

At THMA Consulting, we had an incredibly gratifying 2018 and are forecasting an even more exciting and fulfilling 2019.

A great variety of medical professionals have already completed our courses. Most of the nurses and doctors were in Ontario, but we also travelled to Winnipeg to train a plastic surgeon, dermatologist and two nurses.

We will be taking our training to clinics outside Toronto more often in 2019, including to Ottawa January 25-27 and March 1-4.

Continuing education meeting of THMA members a great success

U.S.-approved Facial Anatomy course gives nurses 5.0 contact points

Expert aesthetics instructors authorized to supervise nurse training

Plastic surgeon praises nurse-led medical aesthetics mentoring

Many of our participants have gone into business for themselves or are using their newfound skills in cosmetic clinics. We are proud we helped guide them towards these goals in the exciting and growing field of medical aesthetics.

This is why we host exclusive symposiums for our members, where we can share the latest in aesthetics trends and treatments.

We are looking forward to another banner year of providing this sort of ongoing education, as well as quality training and mentoring, to eager medical professionals seeking to work in this ‘happy field’ of medicine.

We do make people feel good inside and out.

That said, the profession must be taken seriously in order to be successful. Medical aesthetic practitioners must possess professional skills, business acumen and a strict commitment to safe and ethical practices.


Supplementary Courses at THMA Consulting are scheduled on a demand basis at mutually agreeable times. More information on the newest courses will be posted on our website. Interested participants can also contact us with any questions about our medical aesthetics training program.