New Year, New Courses and More Ongoing Education

With hope and confidence, we are looking at the upcoming year in a positive light. Rising interest in quality medical aesthetics looms on the horizon, and we’ll have more tools to meet training demands!

Medical aesthetics continues to shed stigmas and prosper as a safe and viable medical option for men and women who want to look good and feel better.

The ever-increasing rise in medical professionals coming to THMA Consulting for training reflects the emergence of this viable field of healthcare that offers quality patient care and new career options.

We are pleased to play a leading role in this trend, both for the medical professionals we train and for the patients who are on the receiving end of good safe treatments from well-trained providers.



Snapshots from across Canada of certified successes!

Despite Covid and lockdowns, THMA Consulting has exceeded growth expectations each of the last two years. Our switch to virtual training was a blessing in disguise as we now conveniently reach more people for many of our courses. The uptake has been good and the feedback equally positive.

We added 10 medical professionals to our national team of expert clinical trainers in 2021 (see the Blog links below).

We are still stoked about the move of our national training centre and bridging clinic to Timeless Medical Aesthetics in Markham last year. What a wonderful place to work and train! 

Including Timeless, we now have bridging clinics for injectors to work on and hone skills in six locations all across Ontario.

In December, Corey Akisanya opened and is operating a new mentoring and bridging clinic at Skin Logic Ottawa. We also established in 2021 a new Ontario bridging clinic in Barrie, with a new facility  to open in Kingston in March ‘22.

All are large facilities where nurses can rent space to practice their skills in a safe and supportive environment.



Skills in medical aesthetics start here!

We forecast a brighter 2022 as the general recognition of the importance of quality training reaches wider markets. Last year, we launched new Supplementary Courses in IV Vitamin Infusion and Medical Aesthetics Facility Recommendations. We’ll continue to respond to increased demand for more learning in 2022 by rolling out new workshops and revamped courses to expand our training services and your medical aesthetics skills.

1. Workshops for Didactic and In-Person Training

Sclerotherapy Treatment – This in-person Supplementary Course will focus on the evidence and practice of treatments utilizing Sclerotherapy Treatment to effectively treat varicose veins and spider veins.

The didactic education will be accompanied by mentoring and product delivery technique instruction to follow the highest standards required by the provincial college. Leading the training is expert clinical trainer Corey Akisanya NP, who is also a skilled injector, authorizer and post-secondary educator. (Read More)

Lip Enhancements – This one is still in development, but expect a formal announcement on this in-person Supplementary Course in the spring. Combining anatomical understanding and product knowledge with hands-on injecting techniques, the workshop will develop the skills and artistry required for safe and satisfactory lip treatments. Stay tuned!

PRP rejuvenation

PRP Treatment – This Supplementary Course is now fully in-person. The workshops are being offered now in Markham, Ottawa and Calgary, with more locations and dates to be announced soon. PRP treatments are popularly used for regeneration of skin tissue and restoration of hair follicles. (Read More

Deoxycholic Acid Treatment – With didactic learning and in-person workshops, this Supplementary Course, will also be rolled out at various locations across the country beginning in March. Deoxycholic acid works to dissolve fat tissues when injected into the body, most commonly in the jawline, neck and under the chin. (Read More).

DA Treatment and PRP Treatments are excellent additions to a medical aesthetics portfolio. Refer to our Course Schedule page for updated information.

2. Virtual Courses for Online Learning
Treatment for excessive sweating can be life changing

Hyperhidrosis and Migraine Treatments – This virtual course has been expanded to include the therapeutic use of neurotoxins (such as Botox) for treatment of migraine headaches and TMJ disorders as well as hyperhidrosis. The research-based education and clinical evidence will provide trainees with a thorough understanding of the treatment’s unique anatomy, analysis, physiology and pharmacology. With Colleen White, expert clinical trainer and educator in Kingston. Read More.

Authorized Prescriber in a Collaborative Practice – This is not really new, but is an update to the former Role and Responsibilities of the Medical Director (or AOA) course. The revamped virtual course with Corey Akisanya focuses on a collaborative approach to the delegation and development of medical directives in medical aesthetics and is a must in a regulated healthcare environment. Read More.



Online Education Presentations – We will pick up where we left off last year and continue with this complimentary online series of topics, trends and tips for THMA Consulting members.

Wednesdays on Zoom

We’ll mix it up a little, alternating presentations from our medical aesthetics colleagues with informative lectures from industry reps. Those Wednesday educational events on Zoom begin on January 12 with Amanda Bastedo discussing Upper Face Neurotoxins and precise placements to prevent complications.


Professional Development Symposiums – Ottawa hosted a fantastic symposium in late November with enthusiastic participation and positive feedback. Unfortunately, rising Covid cases forced the postponement of another in Kingston, and will now put the kibosh on a planned symposium in Toronto this month. We are tentatively looking at March to gather medical professionals together for in-person lectures and discussions, so please stay tuned. Also look for announcements of symposiums this year in London, Winnipeg and Halifax (as well as Kingston and again in Ottawa).

Ottawa Symposium: There will be more of these in 2022

Onward and Upward!

Most everything we do to expand our training and your education comes from you. We always appreciate the feedback and suggestions on what more we can do to improve your skills and enhance your portfolio. It’s so nice that we’re all in this wonderful field of medical aesthetics together.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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    Avez-vous l’intention dans donner au Québec?

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