THMA Consulting is planning to expand its aesthetics education program in 2021 to include expert training in the increasingly popular Radiesse, a regenerative skin care treatment that provides patients with natural and long-lasting benefits.

Radiesse is an injectable treatment that stimulates naturally-occurring collagen in the skin to immediately smooth lines and wrinkles while also developing new collagen in the body.

Patient satisfaction and the growing demand for regenerative medicine is why we are planning to include Radiesse as a Supplementary Course in the New Year.

Collagen fibres in your skin tend to deplete or get fragile as we age. The effect is less structure in the face. Bio-stimulatory products like Radiesse rebuild that structure with a scaffold of collagen that for up to a year will continue to smooth lines and increase density of the skin.

Regenerative medicine treatments continue to develop collagen and improve the texture and tone of the skin long after the procedure ends.

Patients from 35 – 60 especially love Radiesse and other regenerative medicines like InstaLift and Bellafill because of the long lasting, natural results.

I use Radiesse in my practice for treating the neck, decolletage and hands. In my experience, it works very well.

Unlike Bellafill and Instalift, Radiesse training does not have to be done through an aesthetics company. The THMA Consulting training will meet the high standards of education and skill development that is our mandate. We’ll have more to announce on this in a couple months.

I would advice any medical aesthetics practitioner to look into regenerative medicine and learn how these treatments are reshaping the future of anti-aging aesthetics. Many of you who already do PRP treatments for skin and hair rejuvenation will recognize the positive benefits of collagen stimulation.  PRP uses the patient’s own blood platelets to generate a collagen stimulation cascade for natural results.

Injectors who want training for InstaLift (which can last 18 months) and Bellafill (approved to last up to five years) must contact a Suneva rep for registration information. I will happily help point experienced injectors in the right direction for this. Email:

Doubly gratifying, THMA Consulting has partnered with Suneva to provide this advanced training for experienced injectors.

I am honoured that Suneva chose me to do their Bellafill training while thrilled that our THMA Consulting’s national expert trainers are providing exclusive InstaLift training across the country.