New THMA Nurse Promises “Highest Standard of Care”

Jacklyn Sudetic, an expert trainer at THMA Consulting with 10 years experience as a nurse injector, is joining the team at my TH Medical Aesthetics clinic.  Jacklyn’s addition puts patients in the care of a skilled and compassionate professional.

As I was moving closer to making a decision on redirecting more time to my training business, I knew Jacklyn would be a great addition to THMA. Especially since our team already includes the incomparable Michele Cluff and Jeanine Harrison.

Jacklyn Sudetic: conscientious and compassionate

I know from working with Jacklyn in training sessions that she is a skilled injector with a soft touch in terms of her techniques. On top of that, she has a great personality, is empathetic and cares about patients.

Happily for all involved, she jumped on my offer to join us!

“I am thrilled to be joining TH Medical Aesthetics the first week of September,” Jacklyn wrote.

“Tracey has been my mentor for many years and is a leader in medical aesthetics provides the highest standard of care to patients. I am looking forward to applying my experience and passion for medical aesthetic nursing to her loyal patients and contributing to the outstanding THMA team!”

Jacklyn is Registered Nurse and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. She began her career as a medical aesthetician in Mississauga in 2008 and has trained extensively to enhance her medical aesthetics skills.

As an advanced nurse injector at Solomon Facial Plastic in Thornhill, Jacklyn has worked alongside Dr. Philip Solomon assisting in facial plastic surgical procedures. She specializes in ablative laser resurfacing, acne scar reduction procedures, neck fat reduction and injections of neurotoxin, hyaluronic acid fillers and semi-permanent fillers.

She is expertly qualified to administer cosmetic injections using both a needle and a cannula.

Driven to be the very best at patient care and injecting

In her role as an expert trainer at THMA Consulting, Jacklyn does Foundation Course 4 training in Hands-on Mentoring. She also takes the reins in One-on-One Mentoring and is a trusted educator in InstaLift Suspension Sutures.

Blog, July 22, 2019: Jacklyn Sudetic Joins the THMA Consulting Training Team

Jacklyn is driven. I really like that about her.

She wants to be a fantastic medical aesthetics practitioner and has worked hard and absorbed knowledge like a sponge to be in that position today.

This is why I expect the transition in THMA work starting on August 31 to be smooth.

Jacklyn has this message for her new patients:

“It will be my pleasure to meet all of you and it is my commitment to you to provide the highest standard of care in your future treatments. My goal is to develop long standing relationships and work collaboratively with you to achieve your aesthetic goals.”

Again, it’s so comforting and gratifying to have patients – including my patients who I respect and will miss terribly — in such good hands.