The time has come to bid a fond farewell to my medical aesthetics practice. With an exciting new education position at Suneva Medical and the ongoing success of THMA Consulting, I will now fully concentrate on my career as a medical aesthetics trainer.

Training for Suneva in Ottawa

The fiery passion I have for top-quality medical aesthetics training has never burned brighter than now. THMA Consulting continues to raise the bar on medical aesthetics training in Canada and has added several new clinical training experts to our national team. And now this fabulous opportunity comes along to join the Medical Affairs team at Suneva Medical as a new clinical educator with the U.S. aesthetics company.

Dreams can come true!

Suneva rep Brian Walley with Tracey for Bellafill and InstaLift training Calgary

Suneva has hired me as a Clinical Educator, responsible for doing virtual training in Plasma IQ, and other regenerative devices in their product portfolio.  Loosening travel restrictions will open opportunities for in-person meetings and educational presentations in the U.S and Canada.

“Tracey Hotta has an impeccable reputation of clinical proficiency and education in the field of Aesthetics. Her professionalism and vast experience made her an excellent addition to the Suneva Medical Affairs team. I am honored to have Tracey on my team and look forward to a long working relationship.”–  Jennifer Baker, Clinical Education Manager, Suneva Medical

My relationship with Suneva goes back several years. I’ve always been impressed with their high-level products and devices. The company takes a researched approach to rejuvenative medicine in procedures that use technology and our own bodies to promote positive aging.

Evolutionary advancements from Suneva include Bellafill as well as InstaLift Suspension Sutures and Plasma IQ. The latter two were recently approved by Health Canada – InstaLift in February 2020 and Plasma IQ in December 2020.

“We are excited to welcome Silhouette Instalift® to our already broad regenerative aesthetics portfolio. These unique sutures fit perfectly as they can provide immediate lift to sagging cheeks and, like Bellafill, can activate the patient’s natural collagen production over time.” Pat Altavilla, CEO, Suneva Medical

With demand rising rapidly as aesthetics professionals and patients covet the restorative procedures, THMA Consulting was approached to be the exclusive trainer of InstaLift and Plasma IQ in Canada.

Suneva Canad hired me in July 2020 to train physicians and nurses on InstaLift in July 2020. Plasma IQ training was added in the spring of 2021.

Plasma IQ: Changing the face of Medical Aesthetics

I have since added six other clinical experts from THMA Consulting to meet the training demand.

Suneva’s success in Canada brought me in contact with the Medical Affairs team in the U.S., including clinical education manager Jennifer Baker. When she asked earlier this year if I would be interested in an expanded educational role with Suneva, my answer was quick and succinct.


With that job at Suneva and with THMA Consulting doing so well, I need to dedicate full time energy into medical aesthetics training. That’s been my goal for some time now, and I’m thrilled that moment has arrived.

Dr. Lydia Monette training in Montreal

I have had a long and fulfilling career as a nursing injector. But now is the time to close that chapter in my life.

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It does bring some sadness to say goodbye to the many TH Medical Aesthetics patients who have been coming to me for treatments. But I’m happy to leave everyone in excellent hands with my talented colleagues at Timeless Medical Aesthetics in Markham. Amina Mehdi is now working out of my former office in Thornhill, but the TH Medical Aesthetics company and name will be officially dissolved as of July 31.

Happy days at TH Medical Aesthetics 2018

I will be forever grateful for the memories of meeting and treating so many people. I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart for their loyalty and friendship.

The great thing as I go all-in from injecting to training is that I am still in the business of making people look good and feel better. I will pass that and a strong commitment to safe and ethical practices along to every nurse and physician I train.