Facility Course Promotes Safe and Successful Practices

Nurses who are considering an independent practice will also want to consider this new Supplementary Course from THMA Consulting. Facility Recommendations focuses squarely on ethical, safe and successful practices.

Course training expert Jacklyn Sudetic

As with all of our courses, the over-arching intent of Facility Recommendations for Medical Aesthetics Clinics is to hammer home the importance of patient safety.

This virtual training is designed to share research-based recommendations and help new providers improve practice. Course discussions will include the things that can go wrong in a practice, but the takeaway will be the many things to do right.

Jacklyn Sudetic, a THMA Consulting expert clinical trainer and owner of Distinct Medical Aesthetics in Oakville, developed and will teach this Supplementary Course.

“I really enjoy teaching nurses how to raise the bar.” – Jacklyn Sudetic

Excited about introducing the course June 23 on Zoom, Jacklyn says the training will benefit regulated healthcare providers who are performing medical aesthetics procedures in an existing practice or considering opening an independent practice.

“The training goal is to foster safe and ethical practices,” says Jacklyn, owner of Distinct Medical Aesthetics in Oakville.

“That’s important for the patients, the providers and our medical aesthetics industry.”

The Facility Recommendations have been meticulously constructed on data and information from public health and regulatory bodies in Canada and Europe.

We’ve packaged that into a clear and concise presentation that will help clients elevate their practices and improve patient outcomes.

Five Pillars of Education
  1. Practice setting or environment in which you work
  2. Patient confidentiality, safety and ethics
  3. Infection prevention and control measures
  4. Biomedical waste regulations and disposal
  5. Administration, quality assurance and the managing of adverse events

“The more measures in place the better the outcomes,” Jacklyn says. “This course will help nurses be more successful by providing a healthy working environment that supports patient care.”

Practice priorities: patient safety and patient outcome

As nurses, we are governed by provincial and national regulatory bodies with standards and guidelines on how we are to perform as nurses. That includes the administration of Controlled Acts, emergency protocols in response to adverse events, appropriate intervention, proper infection control and more.

These measures shape our personal and professional responsibility to provide for and protect the patients.

But, what measures are in place to standardize, guide, watch over and audit independent practices in medical aesthetics clinics?

Well, there aren’t any. Not yet, anyway.

Course Goals and Benefits

At THMA Consulting, we believe our industry should follow a similar accreditation process that governs the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The CPSO accredits clinics for dermatologist and plastic surgeons, requiring certain standards that are audited regularly.

“Be the best and do things right.”

It really should go without saying how important it is to protect the patients and ourselves against hazards such as medical waste and malfunctioning equipment or adverse procedural events.

A newsletter last year from the College of Nurse of Ontario titled ‘Reflect Before You Inject’  reported on many annual cases of adverse events with medical aesthetic procedures. And, no, this wasn’t always because the provider was malicious or negligent.

“It’s a lack of knowledge or awareness,” says Jacklyn, who formally worked with a plastic surgeon and went through the CPSO accreditation process twice. “Adverse events can be avoided or reduced if guidelines are presented to them properly.”

That’s our goal with this course: to expand the integrity we have as nursing professionals, apply that to our clinical practices, protect patient safety and promote ethical practices.

“I really enjoy teaching nurses how to raise the bar. All the people who take Tracey’s courses are keeners to begin with. All eager to be the best and do things right. That’s makes you feel good about it at the end of the day because you know you’re taking all measures possible to be safe and successful.”