Montreal Trainers Will Help Raise the Bar – En Français!

It’s our honour to welcome Isabelle Jubert and Valerie Bacon to our national training team. The Montreal nurses are not only the first to provide THMA Consulting training in French, they are also dedicated to high standards of medical aesthetics.

Welcome to THMA, Isabelle Jubert and Valerie Bacon

Raise the bar.

We talk about that all the time at THMA Consulting. There is a serious need in Canada to set high standards of training and practice in medical aesthetics. Each and every expert clinical trainer on our national team shares that goal to raise the bar.

That includes the newest members of our team in Montreal.

Isabelle Jubert and Valerie Bacon both love their medical aesthetics profession. But know what drives these Montreal nurses crazy? Poorly trained and unscrupulous providers who offer sub-standard service that gives the industry a bad name.

“It’s frustrating to hear about patients going to someone far less qualified simply because the costs are lower,” said Valerie, a nurse for 16 years and a caring medical aesthetics provider.

“They aren’t getting that safe personal service. Too often something goes wrong, there are complications, and they come to us in a panic. We do need to set the bar higher.”

Quality training promotes “a passion and commitment to patient care.”

Valerie agrees that we can help educate the public to always check the provider’s background by making sure more and more nurses and physicians are properly trained to provide safe patient care. Isabelle says that’s one big reason why she and Valerie jumped at the opportunity to join the THMA Consulting team of expert clinical trainers.

“I really believe in this training program, the way it is set up today and where it will be tomorrow,” Isabelle told us. “The bar is set high and no corners are cut on patient safety and patient outcome.”

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A nurse for more than 25 years and in medical aesthetics for 12 years, Isabelle now owns and operates Visabelle Med in Montreal, a medical aesthetics clinic she opened five years ago that will also serve as a THMA Consulting training centre and bridging clinic.

Valerie has been working with Isabelle for more than two years. Both nurses had previously worked with respected plastic surgeons in Montreal. But Valerie considers Isabelle her true mentor.


Valerie and Isabell after InstaLift training with Tracey: obvious skills and positive attitudes

I’ve known Isabelle for 15 years.  Her reputation and and the respect she’s earned in medical aesthetics are commendable.

The decision to bring her and Valerie on board with THMA Consulting was made soon after I met them in training for InstaLift. Both had impressive skill sets and positive attitudes.

Isabelle is a pioneer in medical aesthetics

Isabelle says she has been “blessed to have grown up in this field as it evolved.” Like a lot of us in those early days of medical aesthetics, she learned about the profession in bits and pieces. With the boom in business today, nurses want to learn a lot in a hurry.

That’s why the need for comprehensive and in-depth training is so important.

“I love to teach and I feel I have a lot to give,” says Isabelle. “Being able to pass on my knowledge is incredibly gratifying.

“We need to leave the industry to younger people with same passion and help them grow and serve patients with high standards of competency and safety.”

Isabelle and Valerie will be doing Foundation Course 4: Practical Skills and Hands-on Training at Visabelle Med. They will also provide One-on-One Mentoring to clients who are looking to enhance or update their injection skills.

Valerie says a key component of training at THMA Consulting is to teach participants about what the patients want.

Survey: Patients check self-confidence as the #1 reason for treatments 
Valerie on joining THMA: “excited and honoured”

“It’s not about vanity. It’s about boosting self confidence. Our passion and commitment to patient care will make sure that people are treated safely and ultimately feel good about themselves.”

Isabelle also wants training clients to have that same passion to be an excellent provider that she has.

“I love what I do when I come into work. It never feels like work.”

It’s excited to note that this will be the first nurse-led medical aesthetics training program in Montreal. Training will be in French and English,  a real attraction to nurses and physicians in the greater Montreal area.

As a result, Isabelle expects interest in THMA Consulting will be high.

“When you help people become competent and comfortable enough to establish a new career, that’s when you know you are a success!”


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