A Premiere Sharing of Experience and Expertise

It was a gratifying success – our first Professional Development Symposium and the opportunity for networking and continuing education with colleagues.

The seminar at the Thornhill Club was well attended. There was lots of enthusiastic networking, lots of discussion on medical aesthetic practices.

The feedback we received afterwards was so rewarding.  New injectors who take THMA Consulting training are pleased they will not be left on their own after completing the courses. They will always be part of an ongoing education process.

That’s actually quite important. The medical aesthetics industry is constantly evolving, finding new and better ways to treat patients. Our seminars – and we will be doing these four times annually – will be an effective and engaging way to keep new injectors up-to-date on standards, procedures and product knowledge.

Photo Gallery: Photos from the Members Symposium

Video: Tracey Hotta on Ongoing Mentoring

The lectures were very timely, providing practitioners with useful information to take home with them.  Even I picked up a tip to use in my own clinical practice!

We are most grateful that Dr. Hermine Warren came up from California to lend some ‘international flavour’ to the seminar. She really was wonderful. Her lecture on hand restoration drew great interest and inquiries.

When I started 25 years ago, there were only five nurses in Canada doing medical aesthetics. And now nurses, responding to demand and entrepreneurial opportunities, are leaders in this medical field.

I love to see fellow nurses succeed.

I’m very proud of my profession, very proud to be a nurse. I’ve always wanted to be an educator, to teach other professionals about patient care and patient safety.

It’s been a dream come true for me to take my knowledge and help educate and develop independent practice nurses.

My sincerest thanks to all of our members for this!