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Edmonton, AB
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Mark is advanced cosmetic injector Beauty Connect Pro in Edmonton. For 15 years has worked extensively in both adult and pediatric critical care. After completing his NP education, Mark decided to follow a long-time passion of medical aesthetics.

Mark graduated in 2011 with a BScN (Hon.) at the University of Alberta. His nursing career began in St. John’s, NL, where he worked for two years as a critical care RN at Eastern Health. Mark primarily worked in Alberta from 2014-2022 in in pediatric care, critical care, emergency and cardiac care in hospitals in Calgary and Edmonton. In 2016 he finished his Master of Nursing Nurse Practitioner program through Memorial University of Newfoundland.

 Other training companies train and then let people go into the world on your own. That’s not good for the patient or the injector. So a training program like THMA that also offers access to mentoring after training is extremely important. It ensures that trainees feel supported and are providing safe services.

Over the years Mark continued to advance his education in the field of medical aesthetics, and offer clients various injectable services including neuromodulators, dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma (PRP), biostimulators, and mesotherapy. Now working out of Beauty Connect Pro in Edmonton, Mark is also the Authorized Provider (or Medical Director) at several clinics in the Alberta capital. Mark prides himself on thorough consultations and is passionate about providing clients with personalized treatment plans that help them reach their aesthetic and skin care goals.

 With a passion for patient care and a keen interest in teaching, Mark Harbora NP is a perfect addition to the THMA Team.

As a clinical trainer with THMA Consulting, Mark leads Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training. He is also a THMA Mentor for professional providers looking to augment or practice skills in medical aesthetics. Mark is also a regional clinical trainer with Prollenium Medical Technologies.

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