London Calling: Welcome to the THMA Consulting Team!

Sonia Vilos, already a respected medical aesthetics provider in London, Ont., says she had a career goal a couple years ago. That was to become a trainer for THMA Consulting. Her goal is now a reality!

We are thrilled to welcome Sonia to the THMA Consulting team of expert clinical trainers.

Sonia Vilos NP – “The profession found me!”


She will do our Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training as well as One-on-One Mentoring in London. Her Skin Alchemy facility will serve as a regional bridging clinic for new and experienced medical aesthetics practitioners who want to practice  their skills or learn new techniques.

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“I’m really excited to be part of this strong group of well-informed educated nurses at THMA,” Sonia told us.

“I honestly told myself some time ago that I would be part of Tracey’s team.  I’ve always have nurses reaching out me to ask me to train them on this and that.  I just would see them and give them advice. Nothing formal.  But I wanted to do more – to really teach and train.  I always knew about Tracey and her team, so I reached out to her.”

Sonia’s timing was actually perfect. We were looking for a respected and qualified practitioner in the London area. We’d been getting requests for for training from Southwestern Ontario as more and more nurses are starting or considering careers in medical aesthetics.

Sonia (left) and Tambra Tufford in London

I first met Sonia when I trained her in InstaLift earlier this year.  I was impressed with her skill and technique.  But more than that, she was professional, ethical and she took a careful approach to learning. She’s not the type to jump into anything without carefully considered what knowledge is required first.

I am a firm believer that the best outcomes are realized when education is coupled with skill, vision and artistry. – Sonia Vilos (

Sonia graduated with a BScN from Ryerson University in 2003. Five years later she got her Masters at Western University and became a Nurse Practitioner.

In primary care as an NP, she took a real interest in skincare. She worked for a dermatologist, and gained an appreciation for looking younger and staying healthy. A career in medical followed naturally from there.

“It started with a love of skin and then I discovered I was good at it,” she says. “The profession found me.”

Sonia worked with a plastic surgeon in Ontario before opening her own medical aesthetics clinic. She and her business partner contracting their services to area spas.

Then, after spending two years helping a plastic surgeon build up his injectable practice, Sonia wanted that autonomy of being on her own again.

She now co-owns Skin Alchemy with a partner in London. Her own incorporated business is integrated into that company.

Sonia’s medical director is Tambra Tufford, a clinical training expert for THMA Consulting in Oakville. When I asked Tambra about Sonia after she approached me about being a trainer, Tambra assured me she was well-respected and an excellent mentor.

With that recommendation, Sonia was added to our THMA team!

“I wasn’t sure if Tracey needed anyone, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to reach out. I’m so very thankful that it worked out!”

We are, too!


Sonia has since taken our Foundation Course 1-3 training and says she learned a tonne (especially in the Business component ) and gained a thorough understanding of our comprehensive teaching philosophy.

So, yes, Sonia is good to go. And already she has two nurses lined up for training in June.

“They reached out to me before I joined THMA, but now I can give them a complete and quality package of training,” she said. “Nothing beats hands-on experience, but the care and personal attention creates more confidence.”

“I can’t wait to get started!”