London Calling: Bringing Home Ongoing Education

What a pleasure to attend one of the world’s best scientific conferences on medical aesthetic. The valuable lessons learned at the Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition in England will now be shared with our colleagues in Canada.

The topics at FACE on June 7-8 were broad and multi-faceted, but it was in Injectables where we spent the majority of the weekend event and picked up oodles of beneficial information. The time was well invested.

FACE is the UK’s premier scientific conference featuring the latest clinical information, practical tips and updates in the field aesthetic treatments. FACE attracts UK and international practitioners who want to listen to and network with some of the most experienced and successful aesthetic educators in the world. Photo Gallery 2019

Highly acclaimed nurses and doctors (shout outs to Amie Martin RN, Rana Kennelly RN and Dr. Michael Kane) taught us different techniques and new treatment approaches in medical aesthetics. From listening to their lectures and watching skilled injectors treat various facial zones, we picked up great pearls of wisdom and invaluable tips on facial assessment skills, the expanded use of Radiesse for bio-stimulation, and more.

We are already working to incorporate all relevant information into our Medical Aesthetics Training and Mentoring Program.

We’ll also share material with you at our Professional Development Symposiums on June 13 in Thornhill and August 24 in Kanata, Ont.

Most significantly, we learned at FACE more on the treatment of complications and how to “maximize results and minimize problems when using cosmetic injectables for total facial contouring.” That topic is also a key agenda item in our upcoming symposiums. The educational value of that discussion will be that much more beneficial with what we learned in London and can share immediately with members and guests.

All of this highlights the importance of ongoing education in medical aesthetics. It’s an always evolving field of medicine. The learning never ends.

This is why we attend conferences like FACE. Not only do we augment our personal practices, but we can also take that experience to back up our firm commitment to your ongoing education. We know that many of our members don’t have time to attend conferences such as these. But we will. And we will share anything and everything we absorb to boost your own medical aesthetics knowledge and skills.

Coming out of England, it was a source of personal pride to confirm that our training is in line with that in Europe, and many of the research articles presented in London are already cited in our manuals.

It’s good that we are all on the same page, locally and internationally, in regards to patient care and patient safety!