Lips Ahoy! Ongoing Education Comes to Halifax

Highlighting patient safety and ongoing education with live demos on lips enhancements, THMA Consulting sets sail to the East Coast for a Professional Development Symposium in Halifax in August.

The Symposium will feature a full day of presentations and discussions on medical aesthetics and is a great opportunity for professionals in the Maritimes to network with colleagues and industry experts.

“We’re ready for this on the East Coast,” says Aundrea Ritchie, our expert clinical trainer in Halifax. “There’s a big medical aesthetics community here that has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. So, it’s time is right for an educational opportunity of this high level here in Halifax!”

Aundrea: An expert on lips!

The Halifax Symposium will feature some of top THMA Consulting trainers in Canada, Including Aundrea (Halifax), Jackie Connors (St. John’s), Corey Akisanya (Ottawa) and Jessica Jacobs (Winnipeg).

Presentations and discussions will include live demonstrations on lip enhancements, a presentation on neck rejuvenation, a panel discussion on complications and advice on starting a practice in medical aesthetics. (See the full schedule of topics below.)

Patient safety through education

The overarching benefit of ongoing education through our Symposiums is to give injectors access to knowledge that can make them feel more confident and comfortable when doing treatments. It’s important to do procedures properly, of course, but knowing the risks and how to handle complications are measures that can ensure patient safety.

Training in Halifax with Aundrea

“We are not just simply doing Botox,” says Aundrea, who will anchor the opening presentation on The Perioral Challenge and How to Create Harmony and Balance for the Youthful and Aging Lip.

“Medical aesthetics procedures have to be taken seriously. The people attending will be eager to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. I’m excited about also showing them how safety measures go hand-in hand with doing injections.”

Networking with Colleagues

Networking is a key component of ongoing education and our collective quest for high practice standards.

A community of colleagues at the Toronto Symposium.

We may be competitors in a business sense, but nurses in medical aesthetics are part of a community that recognize the importance of a collaborative approach to medical issues. We all want to do our best, and we all want to raise the bar on standards in medical aesthetics.

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Participants at the Halifax Symposium will be able share experiences, discuss challenges and ask questions. The expert clinical trainers who will be presenting in Halifax will gladly mingle to share their education and experiences.

Knowledge bolsters patient safety.

With my Maritime roots, I’m really looking forward to ‘going home’ and meeting and talking with everyone at this event. I’ll also be participating in live demonstrations on youthful and aging lip enhancements.

It’s going to be a fun and informative day.

And as Aundrea sums up here, this Halifax Symposium promises to herald a new chapter in the developing medical aesthetics field on the East Coast of Canada.

“I think it’s awesome! It’s really exciting that THMA’s vision for professional medical aesthetics is extending this way. And I’m sure this Symposium will be the first of many.”