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Jackie Connors is a true pioneer in the field of medical aesthetics. The registered nurse was hired in 1999 to work for the only medical clinic to offer Botox treatments in Newfoundland at that time. Since 20024 she has been a full-time nursing director and injector at Landells Clinic in St. John’s.

Jackie’s passion for medical aesthetics stems from the fact she has enjoyed this field of nursing every day of her more than 20 years in the profession.

That experience and her respected abilities made her the first choice for an expert clinical trainer in Newfoundland.

“It’s a privilege to be part of this extraordinary team of medical professionals. I’m super excited to be bringing my experience and love of the job to my new training position.” – Jackie Connors

Jackie graduated with her BScN in 1995 and worked in hospital ERs about 6 years. in 1999 she was hired on a part-time basis at The Landells Clinic, where dermatologist Dr. Ian Landells was the first in the province to do Botox.

Jackie says she was always interested in beauty and cosmetics, and that’s what drew her to Landells initially. She started doing laser hair removal a half day a week on Fridays. Demand and the business grew rapidly, creating a full-time position for Jackie. She has been the Nursing Director for The Landells Clinic since 2004.

Jackie has trained with industry reps and THMA Consulting. She will now be doing Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training for THMA Consulting.

Top Quality Training in Medical Aesthetics Comes to Newfoundland

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