Exclusive Place to Share With Medical Aesthetics Peers

Looking to network online with colleagues? Want to share thoughts with peers about medical aesthetic procedures, patient complications or industry trends? If you are a THMA Consulting member, we have just the place for you!

It’s the THMA Consulting Members Forum, a private page on Facebook that is exclusively for everyone who taken part in our medical aesthetics training program.

I’m quite excited about opening up this chat room that will serve as a resource centre as well as a networking hub for our member clients.

It’s important to provide practitioners with a closed area where they can ask questions and get information on procedures, products and, well, just about anything related to medical aesthetic practices.

THMA Consulting has had the pleasure of training people all across Canada. Many are in small communities where they don’t have their own networking opportunities or where the only people to talk with are competitors.

With this Members Forum, injectors can share information with peers or ask questions of peers without worrying about the competition. Also, there’s no such thing as a bad question. By sharing experience and expertise in a supportive network on everything from difficult patients to procedural complications to business management, we all learn.

If you are on Facebook now, great. I will invite you to join the Members Forum or add you upon request. 

Those of you not on Facebook can sign up easily for a basic account on www.facebook.com. But I would really recommend signing up for a business account that you might also use to promote your professional services or practice.

Follow these steps:  https://blog.hootsuite.com/steps-to-create-a-facebook-business-page/

Email your Facebook address and request to join the Forum: training@thmaconsulting.com


As a nurse, I can say this is something we have always done – that is, share experience and advice. That’s what we will do here, too, and in an open and honest forum. Of course, the physicians, PAs and RTs we train will be right at home with us!

I am a member of several Facebook groups in the states and one here in Canada. So, I’m familiar with the positives of online networking. I should add that ours will not have any industry bias. Reps won’t be permitted to join. That will allow members too talk openly about the pros and cons of any products.

Feedback from clients like NPs Claudia and Dawn, spurred creation of the Members Forum.

We will also use the Members Forum for industry updates and event promotion. As we know, this is a very fluid field of medical practice, constantly changing. New research and new products and new procedures will always keep us on our toes.

Now more than ever, this will be a great way to stay updated and stay in touch.

Any questions or need for clarification? Email training@thmaconsulting.com.