Heading Home to Focus Fully on THMA Training

Who says you can’t go home again? I am, this spring. Returning happily to my roots in the Maritimes to embrace a more laid-back lifestyle in Halifax and focus fully on THMA Consulting training across Canada.

I’ve always liked this saying.

Chase your dreams but always remember the road that will lead you home again.

Ocean air and a clear focus in 2023.

Yes, I did chase my dreams, graduating as a nurse in Moncton in 1984 and moving to Toronto four years later. Now, I’m taking the road back home. Moving to Halifax in the spring and re-establishing my roots. As a bonus, I’m also setting up a training centre in Moncton.

I couldn’t be happier.

The happy Hottas in Halifax!

Nothing against Toronto – its where I met my husband Greg, raised two awesome kids and launched a wonderful career in medical aesthetics. But there’s something about the Maritimes way of life that is so invigorating.

Since founding the national training company in medical aesthetics in 2016, I have established training centres with THMA Consulting clinical trainers all across Canada.

I am very comfortable knowing that nurses and physicians can now access our quality training in just about every province in the country.

The fresh salt air will inspire me to refocus  my time and energy to build and develop a higher level of training based on clinical research and professional care.

Look Back: Three decades years in medical aesthetics

From the new THMA Consulting base in Halifax, I will continue to manage the national training and mentoring program. I am proud of where we are now in terms of word-of-mouth and earned respect. The positive feedback from trainees has been enormously gratifying.

But medical aesthetics is ever-changing, and so THMA Consulting training will grow and improve, too.

I announced in August that I’d be stepping away from my clinical work. That comes to a full stop in the New Year, freeing me up to enhance the education program, create new courses and set up Professional Development Symposiums coast-to-coast. I also look forward to spending more time with the trainers and develop a personal presence in each region.

More Symposiums like this in the future.

Moving to Halifax in the spring will allow me time to provide support to our two established training centres in Halifax and Miramichi. Even more exciting is that THMA Consulting will be opening a training centre in a Moncton clinic owned by Oliva Trites of Kent Laser Clinic.

I’ll be doing Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training and Supplementary Course workshops like the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements. Brandy Donald NP will be the medical director as well as a trainer.

We’ll also provide One-on-One Mentoring with medical aesthetics providers, either in our training centres or in their clinics.

Report: The medical aesthetics industry is ‘ripe for growth’

 The medical aesthetics business is growing rapidly, and the demand for professional services is increasing as a result.

THMA Consulting training in Miramichi.

The Maritime provinces have lagged behind the national trend of steadily growing career choices in medical aesthetics for nurses and physicians.

The demand from patients (including a growing number of younger women and men) is there. Quality training in medical aesthetics is essential.

The centrally located Moncton training centre will draw untapped attention from all three Maritime provinces. THMA Consulting will also do training in Miramichi with Brandy and Kelly Whalen, and in Halifax with Aundrea Ritchie and Yvonne Salter.

The timing for all this –  in terms of my professional career and personal life – is simply perfect .

Maybe it’s the new beginning or the renewed focus on training. Maybe it’s just the ocean air. But after all this time away, it’s truly a pleasure to be going back home again.

“Home is the place of love, hope and dreams.”

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