Enhance Skills, Boost Confidence with THMA Mentoring

THMA members have always had post-training access to mentoring in medical aesthetics. We’re now pleased to offer a full package of training and mentoring to non- members. It’s strongly advised that everyone takes time to practice before going off on your own.

In no field of medicine is anyone expected to go directly from training to work. It’s why mentoring in medical aesthetics is so important, both for provider confidence in their Botox and fillers injecting and the safety of their patients.

At THMA, we make it our mission to support trainees and guide them as they advance towards careers in medical aesthetics in Canada. Their time with us is definitely not over after they get certificates for completing our  Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course. We don’t say they are ready for work; we say they’ve taken a big first step and urge and encourage them to continue their education with THMA Mentoring from one of our professional clinical trainers in Canada.

“You can’t just take courses and fly on your own.” – Emma Wisken NP, THMA Trainee.

THMA members have always had follow-up options with One-on-One Mentoring and Peer-to-Peer Mentoring (see below) at any time after training. We have also welcomed non-members who might not have that ongoing support. But unfortunately, many found that their previous training was sorely lacking in the essential knowledge of facial anatomy and they didn’t feel comfortable in doing treatments that are safe as well as effective. We’ve come up with a solution:

Enhance Skills, Boost Confidence with THMA Mentoring