Discovering the Visionary Future of Medical Aesthetics

We’ve been hearing a lot about the revolutionary benefits of Ultrasound Imaging in medical aesthetics. A group of us at THMA Consulting wanted  to learn more, so to Calgary we went for in-person training. We were impressed!

Jacklyn Sudetic trains on Ultrasound Imaging.

Ultrasound Imaging in medical aesthetics may be relatively new, but this visionary technology is poised to become a mainstream must in professional practices everywhere.

“This cutting edge technology is the future of medical aesthetics,” said Jacklyn Sudetic, one of the seven THMA Consulting expert clinical trainers who travelled with me to receive Ultrasound Imaging training from Dr. John Arlette in Calgary.

“It was an eye opening experience!”

Brandy Donald of Miramichi NB agreed: “The training I received in Calgary far exceeded my expectations.”

“I’ve been wanting to purchase a facial ultrasound but was apprehensive as to whether I would be able to develop the skills necessary for effective use. But I left the training feeling capable and confident that purchasing the equipment would indeed make me a safer injector.”

Ultrasound Imaging provides practitioners with a mapping of the facial anatomy, identify the location and depth of subcutaneous structures, veins and arteries. The knowledge allows for more precise injections with much greater safety.

THMA Consulting trainers Brandy Donald, Jackie Connors and Corey Akisanya

“I put a lot of thought into providing the safest and most effective treatment possible to my patients,” said Jackie Connors, who flew to Calgary from Newfoundland. “But when you can see what’s beneath the skin and locate the areas to be aware of, it is very reassuring.”

The hand-held device that administers the Ultrasound Imaging is very portable and hooks up easily to a laptop or mobile device. The Clarius L20 is easy to use and clearly visualizes the course of the veins and arteries.

Visionary Improvements to Patient Safety

This vascular mapping, Dr. Arlette pointed out, also provides quick resolution should an adverse event arise.

In the case of a vascular occlusion, for example, Ultrasound Imaging can identify the location and guide injections of hyaluronidase to restore blood flow.

“This new knowledge can help injectors gain a better understanding of what happens to the filler after its injected and what plane it actually settled in,” said Jacklyn, owner of Distinct Medical Aesthetics in Oakville.

Dr. Arlette shows me how well imaging works.

The training left an immediate impression on all of us, including Niala Kalliecharan of Timeless Medical Aesthetics in Markham.

“Ultrasound Imaging and vascular mapping is another layer in delivering evidence-based benefits to our patients,” Niala said.

“Bringing Ultrasound Imaging to Timeless will add another layer of safety and ensure we are offering the highest standards of practice to our patients.”

Jackie Connors is also adding Ultrasound Imaging to her practice at at The Landells Clinic in St. John’s.

“It was a fantastic learning opportunity and so exciting!  I look forward to adding this technology to my practice in the very near future.”

THMA Consulting does not offer training in Ultrasound Imaging. But we highly recommend the training of Dr. John Arlette in CalgaryDr. John Rowan in Montreal also offers ultrasound training.

The THMA Consulting training team in Calgary. Left to right: Jackie Connors, Jennifer Holman, Gina Malouf, Brandy Donald, Dr. John Arlette, Ilde Arlette, Niala Kalliecharan, Corey Akisanya, Tracey Hotta, Jacklyn Sudetic.

Medical aesthetics is ever changing, always improving. It’s critically important to be on top of new technologies and treatments.

This is why I organized this training session in Calgary for our training team. The knowledge they acquired will enhance their development and reputations as top-quality providers of medical aesthetics services.

“I’m so proud to be on this amazing team,” said Gina Maalouf, an expert clinical trainer with us at Timeless.

“THMA Consulting always makes sure that all their trainers are up to date with the latest technologies. This was one of the best trainings I have ever attended and Ultrasound Imaging will provide added safety for my patients at Omorphi Aesthetics.”

“I’m so proud to be a THMA Consulting trainer,” added Jacklyn. “THMA Consulting is on the forefront of safe injection techniques and management of filler.”

“I’m so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Dr. Arlette’s ultrasound training with my fellow THMA trainers,” said Brandy, owner/injector at BK Luxe Medical Aesthetics in Miramichi.

”I just ordered my Clarius L20 and can’t wait to get scanning!”.