Directives and Requirements For Gradual Opening: CNO

The College of Nurses of Ontario has kindly honoured my request for verification on policies in regards to the gradual opening of medical aesthetics practice. With CNO’s permission, we are sharing that letter with you.

Dear Tracey,

I appreciate that you want to share this information and want to emphasize the gradual reopening of services to help ensure patient safety.

Health sector restart

  • As a health care provider, you are in the best position to determine which services should continue to be provided virtually and which should be provided in-person. Decision-making should be guided by best clinical evidence and the principles found on pages 4–5 of Directive #2.

o   Risk and benefits

o   Rationale

o   Protecting patients from harm

I hope this is helpful and that it will help provide support to your followers/audience.

Sincerely, Cindy

Cindy Lee, RN, MN

Advanced Practice Consultant, Practice Quality

College of Nurses of Ontario |


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