Approved Laser Procedure Can Improve Vaginal Health

Health Canada approval of the DiVa Vaginal Laser  is great news for mid-life women who struggle with vaginal health issues and want non-surgical options for resolving intimacy challenges.

Health Canada has authorized the marketing and use of the DiVa Vaginal Laser therapy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms such as lubrication, laxity and stress incontinence.

DiVa treatment works effectively to promote good vaginal health, says Jeanine Harrison NP, a professional medical aesthetics practitioner and trainer. But DiVa, she points out, provides so much more than physical relief.

Jeanine’s DiVa Vaginal Laser at THMA

“It can change how a woman feels about her sexuality and improves her self-esteem,” Jeanine says of the confidence-boosting treatment she administers at TH Medical Aesthetics. “It can positively change how she feels about herself and the relationship she has with her partner.”

As we age, our skin is changing constantly. It gets drier and laxer. It happens to skin on the face, the hands and, in women, to the inside walls of vaginas. Compounded with hormonal changes and the loss of natural lubrication brought on by menopause, this creates even more dryness.

Jeanine says those conditions often mean that sex is less pleasurable, more uncomfortable and even painful.

“Women then distance themselves from sex, with a domino effect on relationships and their personal self-esteem.  Sex is not just a physical thing. It’s important to our general well-being and for shared emotions like love and pleasure.”

The relatively painless DiVa Vaginal Laser treatment is similar to those used to rejuvenate aging facial skin. The laser therapy gently increases collagen production and healing properties in the targeted area (in this case the vaginal walls) resulting in derma thickness. DiVa’s laser technology also creates secretion or lubrication while firming the vaginal walls.

As well, DiVa is effective in treating female stress incontinence that prevents women from enjoying activities such as hiking or dancing for fear of urine leakage.  Treatment with the DIVa to reduce stress incontinence can result in improved health and fully active lifestyles.

The medical device license issued by Health Canada approves DiVa “for the treatment of the symptoms of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM).”

GSM affects hundreds of thousands of postmenopausal women. The condition includes symptoms of genital atrophy and urinary incontinence as brought on by low estrogen levels.

Physical relief can enhance personal well-being

These symptoms can affect the quality of life and intimate relationships of women, says Todd Sternbach at Sciton, the makers of DiVa, the world’s first hybrid fractional laser in women’s gynecological and genitourinary health.

“We are gratified to receive recognition from Health Canada related to the effectiveness of the DiVa Vaginal Laser for GSM,” says Sternbach, Vice-President of the Women’s Health Group at Sciton. “Even more significant is being able to reach millions of women in Canada who will benefit from DiVa’s laser technology.”

DiVa is also effective in treating vaginal laxity and dryness following childbirth and the loosening of muscles and tissue.

Jeanine advises patients who are interested in addressing intimacy issues and incontinence to seek out complimentary consultations at reputable clinics.

At TH Medical Aesthetics, we consult in-coming patients on the treatment itself, its easy application and comfort. It’s also important, Jeanine says, to manage expectations on how DiVa works promotes good quality vaginal health and sexual health.