Returning to a New Normal: In-Person Training Resumes

Just as many medical aesthetics clinics are reopening in Ontario this week, the lifting of lockdown orders also means in-person training and mentoring is returning at THMA Consulting. And, yes, we couldn’t be happier!

THMA Consulting training and mentoring resumes!

The Ontario stay-at-home order expired on June 2, allowing regulated health professionals to resume treatments, just as long as we follow ongoing Ministry of Health safety protocols. That’s what we’ll be doing in clinics all across Ontario.  

That’s what we’ll also be doing at THMA Consulting.

Clients can now return in person to complete Foundation Course 4a/4b: Practical Skills and Hands-on Training at our national training centre at Timeless Medical  Aesthetics in Markham and in other training centres/bridging clinics in Ontario. Find the training schedules here.

Our expert clinical trainers are also now available for One-on-One Mentoring with injectors who want to enhance their skills or expand their portfolio.  

Training Safety Measures and Protocols

All clients and models must be vaccinated

With the COVID-19 case numbers falling and vaccination numbers rising significantly every week, we are more comfortable about opening in a secure setting. We remain mindful of the need to continue taking safety seriously.

That means THMA Consulting will have firm protocols in place to help prevent the possibility of any further spread of the virus.

Most notably, we will insist that all clients (and their model/patients in Hands-on Training) must have at least once COVID-19 vaccination. We cannot and will not be responsible for anyone transmitting or catching the virus.

As well, masks must be worn and participants will be properly distanced during Course 4 practical training. Face shields will be worn while injecting when possible. 

We will follow standard hygiene rules and will have air filtration systems in the training centres. 

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At THMA Consulting, we wanted to part of the solution, and not the problem.

We shut down because it was mandated and because it was the right thing to do. We knew other training companies continued to do business, and that was their choice.

Ours was to take the high road and support our frontline nursing colleagues who have been going flat out for months to tackle the pandemic and treat patients with COVID-19. 

We were happy to do our part to encourage people to stay home.

What We’ve Been Doing

The lockdown was definitely difficult. But we kept busy over the past few months. There was the virtual training in Foundation Courses as well as Supplementary Courses like the Role and Responsibilities of the Medical Director/AOA and IV Vitamin Infusion Treatment.

The complimentary Professional Development Presentations for members have been a big hit on Wednesdays. We will definitely be reoffering that ongoing education in the fall. 

Research at Distinct Medical Aesthetics

The training pause also gave us time to research ways to enhance clinical procedures. The use of an ultrasound device to identify anatomical structures showed great promise. And some experimenting with different strengths of Hyaluronidase and HA fillers to assess the dissolving rates per unit produced interesting results that will definitely be studied further. 

All for the greater good of our training program and medical aesthetics practices!

Lastly, we come out of this unscheduled break in better shape to service even more nurses and doctors who want medical aesthetics training in Ontario and Quebec. These Blogs tell the stories of our new trainers and new training centres we’ve added in 2021:

We’ve missed this!


So, yes, we are excited to be back. And it will be wonderful to be face-to-face (or mask-to-mask!) with all the participants who have taken our virtual training in Foundation Course 1-3.

Today is the start of a new normal. And, dare we say, a better tomorrow. 

We appreciate the patience of our clients who temporarily put new career aspirations on hold until this moment. We definitely appreciate everything our frontline colleagues have done to put us in this position now to recover and rebound.

Even as the COVID-19 situation improves, there remains after this writing the possibility of changes in terms of government orders and healthcare directives. Nurses, physician and patients in all provinces are advised to check with their local authorities about current local regulations and protocols.