Plasma IQ, the latest in leading-edge medical aesthetics technology, is now Health Canada-approved and poised to become a high-demand skin resurfacing treatment, popular with both patients and providers.

THMA Consulting is Suneva’s exclusive training company for Plasma IQ

Described by Suneva Medical as Energy-Base Renewal, Plasma IQ works by using controlled energy to renew and restore skin. The advanced technology is delivered with a portable hand-held device.

Plasma IQ is a treatment for tightening skin tissue, collagen stimulation and reducing wrinkles on any area where fine lines develop, including the upper lips, neck and hands.

The controlled treatment is also efficient, targeting specific areas rather than resurfacing the entire face or neck.

“It is an exciting time to be in medical aesthetics right now.” – Jacklyn Sudetic, THMA Consulting expert clinical trainer  

There is downtime following this ablative treatment, but swelling and redness from the natural healing of controlled microinjuries quickly gives way to smooth and tighter appearance to the skin. This treatment has been previously approved in the U.S. and other countries, and is widely applauded in medical aesthetics.

How Does Plasma IQ Work? Text and Video Below  

With Health Canada approval, we anticipate the same popular interest in this country.  We are thrilled and honoured that Suneva has chosen THMA Consulting to be the exclusive training company for their Plasma IQ in Canada.

THMA trainers for Plasma IQ will include Kathryn Woodcock and Angela Haff in western Canada, and Jeanine Harrison, Jacklyn Sudetic and Tracey Hotta in Ontario.

Firming and smoothing are part of the natural healing response.

“Patients are always interested in the newest technology in medical aesthetics and Plasma IQ will be very popular,” says Jacklyn. “For providers, this is a great way to grow their practice and add a new treatment at a greatly reduced capital cost.”

Jacklyn notes that Plasma IQ completes what  is called the Four R’s of a regenerative medical aesthetics portfolio: Botox Relaxes, fillers Refill, InstaLift Repositions, and Plasma IQ Resurfaces.

Regulated medical professionals can apply for training through Suneva. Contact your nearest Suneva rep for more information, or email us at to be pointed in the right direction.

The training will be done at select clinics across Canada. Trained medical professionals will also be able to come to our National Training Centre in Markham for additional training in Plasma IQ as well as InstaLift and Bellafill.

Suneva Outlines How Plasma IQ Works

IONIZED GAS PARTICLES: As the device is brought close to the skin during treatment, it ionizes nitrogen gas particles in the air to create a plasma arc that looks like a spark.

SKIN RETRACTION AND REACTION:  The plasma arc causes sublimation of the epidermis of the skin; turning a solid into gas, resulting in immediate skin tightening and retraction in the target area. This method of plasma sublimation is highly targeted and controlled. It does not transfer heat to the surrounding area. The procedure creates tiny brown carbon crusts or scabs in the treated area that persist for approximately one week before dropping off.

HEALING RESPONSE: The microinjuries sustained during treatment promote the long-term firming, tightening, and smoothing effects that are part of the natural healing response.

Video: The Plasma IQ Technique