Clinical Education Meeting was a Texas Sized Success

It was a meeting of the minds and also a wonderful time. Twenty clinical trainers for Suneva Medical gathered in Texas with a purpose – to transform good regenerative medicine training into great training.

Brian Pilcher, Suneva’s Chief Scientific Officer, welcomed everyone to Austin, Texas.

It was called the Clinical Education Excellence Meeting. Independent contractors with Suneva Medical from across North America came to share tips and pearls on training in regenerative aesthetics.

From Canada I was joined in Austin by fellow trainers and THMA Consulting colleagues Jacklyn Sudetic, Kathryn Woodcock and Angela Haff.

Kathryn and Angela

It was a pleasure just to meet everyone. Many of the trainers I’d met through Zoom, but it’s so much more effective to network and share ideas in person.

The three days of lectures, demonstrations and networking gave us a better sense on how to best train medical aesthetics providers in regenerative procedures such as InstaLift, Plasma IQ, Bellafill, PRP and more.

What we gained and took home from this will now be used to enhance our training sessions for Suneva.

Ultimately, this will benefit the patients who seek out safe and effective collagen-stimulating procedures for positive aging.

All good!

Measuring the vectors for InstaLift suture insertion with patient Brian Bennett.

Suneva is fast becoming a leader in regenerative medicine. Credit was given to the trainers for carrying forward the company’s vision.

“Suneva Medical has been through a remarkable transformation over the course of the past 24 months – moving from a single product company focused solely on long-lasting dermal fillers to an enterprise aspiring to be a leader in the burgeoning Regenerative Aesthetics field. Your role in this transformation has been crucial.”

Suneva training follows strict guidelines based on scientific research and regulatory requirements.

It was definitely worthwhile for everyone to receive informative deep dives from executives like Brian Pilcher, Suneva’s Chief Scientific Officer, into all their devices and the mechanisms of regenerative medicine that stimulate the body to develops cascades of collagen.

Advanced cadaver tissue training draws great interest.

I had the pleasure and honour as a member of the Suneva Medical Affairs team to provide clinical education on InstaLift procedures and to demonstrate injecting and suturing with Advanced Cadaver Tissue Training.

It was through engagement with the group that we shared valuable tips on preparing for and delivering top-quality regenerative medicine training.

There’s no question that effective communicate, fastidious preparation, proper attire and a professional presentation can make a Suneva training session that much better for everyone.

The networking continued on the streets of Austin!

The newer trainers in attendance certainly gained a lot of valuable insight through this. But all of us did, enriching our overall knowledge through the networking and chatting on the key focus of the meeting: how to turn good training into great training.

To that end, the Clinical Education Excellence Meeting was an overwhelming success!

Following the meeting, Suneva received a huge boost on Monday, Dec. 13 when the FDA approved Plasma IQ for treatment around the eyes. We will stand by for approval from Health Canada.