NPs Embrace Independent Practice in Medical Aesthetics

As Nurse Practitioners in Ontario gather for a virtual convention, we applaud the NPAO for promoting independent practices for nurses. We are proud to train NPs and nursing leaders like Dawn Tymianski and Claudia Mariano in medical aesthetics.

Dawn Tymianski NP, CEO of NPAO

Dawn Tymianski has been a nurse for 30 years and CEO of the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario for four years. She has worked hard to make sure NPs continue to get the respect they deserve as medical professionals and independent practitioners.

Typically, NPs have opened independent practices in traditional fields, such as primary care. Until recently, nurses moving into medical aesthetics has been fairly uncommon for nurse practitioners

Dawn is one of those mavericks, a Nurse Practitioner pursuing a path that has been cleared by her association. She came to us back late last year with a desire to redirect her clinical expertise in neurology to a practice in medical aesthetics.

“As a nurse practitioner, I like the idea that nurses are educating nurses to be independent providers,” Dawn said about why she chose THMA Consulting and our reputation for quality training.

“Now that we can move into independent practice, I want to do something different. In this field you can set your own pace, set your own schedule and can grow as a provider and grow as a person in terms of helping people out with what they like and what they need.”

The College of Nurses of Ontario defines nurses in independent practice as those who are self-employed for the purpose of providing nursing services and/or operating their own nursing business. Further:

“Using your nursing knowledge and expertise, you provide a wide range of services, including direct nursing care, care coordination, consulting services and education. You are expected to provide your services according to the legal scope of nursing practice and your individual level of knowledge, skill and judgment.”

NPs have more options and support when it comes to independent practices.  Fully accountable like all nurses, NPs can work autonomously within their scope of practice. They work in collaboration with other health care professionals.

Claudia Mariano NP in training in February 2020

Claudia Mariano, Manager of Practice and Policy at NPAO, also took training at THMA consulting, joining her colleague Dawn in completing our Foundation Courses.

“I was looking for something fun and interesting for when I ease into retirement,” Claudia said. “So, I thought, why not take these courses and see what it’s all about.”

“I was very impressed. The trainers are excellent and very knowledgeable, not only on the clinical practice of medical aesthetics but also on business, ethics and the maintaining of high professional standards. Which is very important.”

“I’d like to think of ourselves as lifelong learners,” said Claudia Mariano. “We’re always looking around and wondering what else we can do.”  – Canadian Business article on Best Jobs, May 24, 2019

Needless to say, we were so happy to have Dawn and Claudia become THMA Consulting members.

I think they were surprised at the depth of the course. Knowing the education isn’t over when the courses end, both Dawn and Claudia came back for One-on-One Mentoring to practice their newly learned injection skills.

Thanks and best wishes to Claudia and Dawn

“The training is the first step,” Dawn said. “You need top continue to build on your skill set in order to be good and safe and be successful. The foundational work we did was great. But the practical work has just begun.”

Medical aesthetics professionals and Nurse Practitioners have good symbiotic relationships. We think the same, share the same medical model of care, and support each other.

Claudia Mariano NP, Noorin Jamal NP, Dawn Tymianski NP, Kaitlyn Dennis RN (Feb. 2020)

The NPs realize that viable career options as strong independent practitioners can include medical aesthetics where they can use their medical skills to help patients.

It’s an absolute honour to help these exceptional professionals realize their dreams.