I am humbled and honoured that Suneva Medical has appointed me to train Canadian nurses and physicians in Bellafill treatments. The long-lasting Bellafill is a must-have in medical aesthetic practices.

Bellafill is approved in Canada for nasolabial folds. It is proven effective in stimulating collagen growth that help patients maintain a youthful appearance.

The long-lasting product is formulated with tiny microspheres suspended within a base of smooth collagen gel that when injected will integrate with the patient’s own natural collagen to produce natural-looking results with no downtime.

Bellafill is also ideal for what we call ‘filler fatigue’ when repeated hyaluronic acid applications break down too quickly.

Suneva will host 4-6 training clinics annually in Toronto for nurses and physicians who have experience doing dermal fillers. As Suneva’s national trainer, my primary responsibility will be to provide practitioners with product knowledge and procedural comfort.  Bellafill treatments can’t be reversed so safe and precise injections are imperative.

I will be assigned to various clinics that want Bellafill training, so there are no set dates for those sessions. But I will definitely pass along registration information to our friends and colleagues at THMA Consulting as dates and times for the Suneva clinics become available.

Interested practitioners should visit Suneva’s website for company studies, videos and additional details on why Bellafill is proclaimed as the ‘must-have’ product for your aesthetic practice.

Bellafill provides immediate correction and lasts up to 5 years with each treatment. Your patients are demanding a longer lasting alternative to their short acting HA fillers and only Bellafill can best address this need. Surveys from Suneva found that: 90% of patients are interested in a 5-year dermal filler; 82% of patients would switch providers for a 5-year filler; 88% of patients would purchase other aesthetic procedures with a practice that provided them with a 5-year filler.

Aesthetics nurses and doctors wishing to expand their current injection portfolio will gain working knowledge, expertise and proficiency in the proper administration of Bellafill through my hands-on guidance in the Suneva clincs.

I am thrilled that my background in medical aesthetics and experience with Bellafill will allow me to share my knowledge and train others in this effective and increasingly popular treatment.